From pattern construction through core mould manufacture up to the manufacture of customer-specific small, medium and large series, we adapt our services to your requirements. For that we process grey cast iron and ductile cast iron in the shell mould casting process. Our approved pattern making shop, induction furnace with highly accurate chemistry and shell moulding shop for small series and large castings allow us to react flexibly to your desires.

We are fast and reliable!
Melting Process

With our modern melting shop with 150 kg medium-frequency induction crucible furnace for the production of cast iron with lamellar graphite and cast iron with spheroidal graphite, we are able to respond to all of our customer's wishes with the highest degree of flexibility.

Here, the consistent quality of our iron is determined by our own specially designed software namely OPTIMELT-Melting Charge optimizer before casting and, if necessary, adapted to the requirements of the cast parts to be cast.

Molding Process

Generous storage spaces and modern machine technology characterize our shell moulding shop. We procure Process-controlled and constantly laboratory-monitored shell sand. This sand is high in strength and low in gas evolution providing good surface finish for the moulds.

Cleaning Process

The castings are given the finishing touches in our own blow room and, if required, a protection primer according to specifications.Our blowroom is characterized by a high degree of mechanization and by workplaces designed according to the latest ergonomic findings, as well as by flexible blasting options with large parts and through belt blasting systems.



Quality assurance Process

Manufacturing high-quality cast iron products requires high quality in selecting raw materials, tooling and equipment. Our quality management department controls all aspects of manufacturing including foundry sand, core sand and performs metallurgical and metallographic analyses at different production stages. Final physical tests and continuous monitoring of current process parameters ensure superior quality of DATUM products with regard to customer standards.

Machining Process

In recent years, we have consistently followed our strategy of further increasing the benefits and satisfaction for our customers. One focus was and is the expansion of our possibilities for mechanical parts & sub assemblies. Everything from a single source means less effort and lower procurement costs and shorter delivery times. Over 20 conventional and ultra-modern processing machines are constantly available in our machine shop 'Vital Industrial Products'.

Datum works in accordance with the following philosophy: Permanent control of every process step to obtain dimensionally stable product quality!

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