OPTIMELT : This is where the system truly excels; the tool is developed ingeniously by us to be intuitive and simple to use, fundamentally this prepares your charges at the lowest cost mathematically guaranteed !

Introducing tool like OPTIMELT, while ensuring that the highest levels of quality are maintained, is a great example of how our solutions can add both efficiency and value to your operations.

  • Reduces your melting time.
  • Optimization of the charge make-up to minimize costs.
  • Avoiding human errors.
  • Charge calculation for desired metal grades.
  • User defined databases of alloys and charge components.
  • Respond quickly to changes
  • Reducing cost of charges upto 30% .
  • Improving the Quality and Competitiveness of your company.



Responsive and flexible system that learns with experience, increasing the company’s Know-How, minimizing casting adjustments and implies major savings in time and money

  • Easy to use

  • Customized

  • Reduces costs

  • Increases productivity

OPTIMELT is a very easy tool. It is developed to be simple and installed with self learning operating instructions. No need for training ever.

This tool does not require any installation and work without internet. No need for technical support ever.

We offer, from the initial implementation of tool, advisory services and updates that are maintained over time.

Finally, it is most affordable.


Quality and efficiency must be carefully balanced in the metal industry. By combining Datum’s OPTIMELT tool with your furnace, foundries do not need to sacrifice high levels of precision to introduce cost and time savings into their processes.

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