Conductors for quality :

Our competent employees are the conductors for quality, because the production of high quality castings requires constant control of all production processes. That is why we strictly work according to certified standards in quality management and quality assurance. In our own QA laboratory, we continuously check the consistency in high quality of our products. In addition to the spectral analysis and thermal analysis, all mechanical properties and the cast structure can be examined. Regular dimensional checks as well as initial sample test reports are part of the daily work of our QA.

Spectral Analysis :

Analyses of the molten metal are carried out parallel to production in our Bruker Q2 ION via spectral analysis of both pre- and post-casting samples.When a modern spectrometer analyses a cast iron specimen containing multiple chemical elements, it initially “sees” thousands of spectral lines. The machine then analyses the energy and intensity of the spectral lines. The energy of the lines provides information about which chemical elements are present. i.e., what percentage of the specimen consists of that element.

Mechanical Testing :

Mechanical testing reveals the properties of a material under dynamic or static force. Designed to ensure that materials are suitable for their intended applications. Mechanical properties of cast specimens or sample parts are determined using classic Hardness testing and tensile testing.


It is a key step in determining the quality of metals by analyzing the microstructure.

It provides characterization of the structure of metals, usually with a focus on examining the grains, phases, inclusions, defects, and other details.


Parallel quality controls over sand during production guarantee the achievement of good quality casting surface finish.



Further post-production testing, such as 3D Scanning , magnetic particle inspection tests, radiography tests or ultrasound tests are performed at approved labs with the proper certifications.


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